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Certified Refurbished

Why Buy or Lease Refurbished Technology?

Don’t be scared of the term refurbished. In today’s economy, this is often the most sensible decision for your business. When equipment is properly refurbished, it will operate as well as new but for a fraction of the cost. Certified Refurbished multifunction devices from Terrapin are as low as 75% off MSRP.

Each machine selected for refurbishing is carefully selected before undergoing the refurbishing process. Every machine is also tested thoroughly and certified by a technician before being prepped for shipping. Terrapin Business Systems will guarentee service and supplies for a minimum of six years after the date of purchase.

Certification Process

At Terrapin Business Systems, factory trained technicians have an average of 15 years industry experience. These seasoned technicians put every machine being refurbished through a strict certification process. After each machine is taken down to the frame and is certified refurbished, the technician personally signs off on the certificate that is delivered with the equipment.
The following are some of the main focus points in the Terrapin Business Systems Certified Refurbished Process.

Fusing Assembly

Including: Upper fuser roller, lower pressure roller, web supply roller, fuser cleaning pressure roller, paper pickup roller, upper and lower fuser roller bearings, heat insulating sleeves, picker fingers, fusing oil, oil application roller and oil application pad

Charge Assembly

Including: Charge corona grid, charge corona wire, seperation wire, transfer roller and charge cleaning blocks

Imaging Section

Including: Drum, drum picker fingers, drum cleaning blade, image transfer belt, black developer, cyan developer, magenta developer, yellow developer and laser unit

Paper Feed Assembly

Including: Paper feed tires, paper pick up tires, double feed prevention tires, all paper trays, bypass trays and large capacity trays if applicable


Including: Mirrors, exposure lamps, standard white reference plate, platen glass, slit glass, CCD, paper size detection sensors

Document Feeder

Including: Paper feed rollers, paper feed belt, double feed prevention tires


Including: Panels are inspected and cleaned, machine is cleaned, no broken hinges, no broken finisher trays, no broken actuator spikes and no broken connection brackets


Including: Print quality, document feeder, bypass tray, all additional paper trays, duplex capability, finisher, stapling, fax kit, network card, print controller, motors, gears and drive belts